SIngle Moms ministry

An explicitly Christian ministry of compassion and relationship evangelism that serves as an inreach and outreach arm to extend the ministry of our local church to share the love of God to our single-mother community.  The ministry is conducted under the governance and authority of Fellowship Baptist Church and its accountable to its Pastor, and will at all times be conducted in accordance with its beliefs and mission.

Our ultimate hope and prayer is the Holy Spirit will draw every single mom (and her children) who attend our meetings into a saving and vital relationship with Jesus Christ by grace through faith and that she will share our knowledge, our stories our experiences, our hearts, and our faith.  We accept her without condition and love her without limit.  We want her to experience love, Christ's love, in and through us, His followers, and to see Him in us.

If you know someone who is a single mom who would like to join us or you are interested in learning how you can help, please contact Marie Brinson at 706-346-6252.

This ministry meets every first and third Friday of each month at 6:30 pm.