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Music Ministry

At Fellowship Rome we believe worshiping God through His gift of music is a fantastic privilege. During the Sunday worship experiences you’ll find a variety of genres employed from modern Christian rock to toe tapping southern gospel all integrated together to create a flow of worship pointed toward the Father in Heaven.


Current Music Programs

Adult Choir 
Ages 16+ Sings most Sunday mornings and rehearses each Sunday evening following evening worship.

Worship Band
Consists of talented players and vocalists who lead in worship each week. From tuba to tambourine and everything in between we believe it is all for the glory of God!

College and Youth
Band leads in youth worship each Wednesday on the 3rd floor and rehearses before youth service

Children sing every week in children’s church and leads in Sunday worship on special occasions. Seasonal children’s choir rehearses Sundays at 5pm on the 2nd floor.


If you are interested in participating in the music at Fellowship Rome, or would like to volunteer in any way contact Bro. Brandon Snow, Worship Pastor.